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Welcome to the 40th Southern Oilman's Tennis Tournament

The 2014 Board of Directors of the Southern Oilman$apos;s Tennis Tournament welcomes you to Lafayette and another fun-filled weekend for the 40th Annual tournament. We are excited that you could join us for a special weekend that promises the S.O.T.T tradition of festivities, great tennis, and special friendships.

Please join us in extending our very deep appreciation to all of the sponsors who have generously contributed to the success of this year’s tournament. Their support is crucial to your continued enjoyment in this event. The sponsors are listed in the program and at the various locations. Please take a moment during the tournament to thank them personally for their support.

A special thanks goes out to our Board of Directors for all their volunteered time and efforts to organize and guide this event.

We wish the best of luck to everyone in the tournament and I thank you for your participation.


Stephen Aucoin
Gulf America Wire Rope
2014 Tournament Chairman